Just So You Know

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I'm a Mormon, otherwise known as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This blog while attempting (and failing most of the time) to be humorous and/or uplifting will be rife with the teachings and faith of my religion. This does not mean that I am in any way affiliated with or that I am an official spokesperson for the Church. You're shocked, right?

This also means that as hard as I try, I may unintentionally put something out there that isn't perfectly in line with the official doctrine. My intent is not to disagree with or criticize the Church or its leadership. Period.

I'm a Mormon.
I Know It
I Live It
I Love It

And while I talk about my faith a lot, and by a lot I mean enough to send my hubby Buns searching for a reason to go to the hardware store, I do also post just some regular old life stories where I learned a lesson. Usually that lesson involved a ridiculous amount of embarrassment on my part as the curriculum, but sometimes not. Either way there is truth, beauty, and humor to be found in almost any situation and I plan on finding all that I can.

So, regardless of why you are here I'm really glad you are. Thanks for reading and happy BLT searching to you and yours!



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